Opterro International Sales and Distribution Partners

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AR Brown, having its roots in the UK, has been operating in the leading industries of the era during its almost 60-year history. The company has built up partnership with overseas as well as local manufacturers and trading companies under mutual understanding and reliance for mutual benefit to provide the best of global products and solutions to the East Asian marketplace. AR Brown is the exclusive distributor of Opterro in Japan and China (PRC).

Peraglobe Technologies Private Limited has its head office in Hyderabad, India. The company’s core team combines rich and diversified experience of over 40 years serving the Indian markets and catering to defense, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing industries, and R&D institutions with cutting edge applications. Peraglobe helps to solve advanced dynamic sensing and acquisition challenges while focusing on achieving customer satisfaction. Peraglobe Technologies is Opterro’s exclusive sales representative in India. 

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Founded in 1990, Soliton Laser- und Messtechnik GmbH offers products and services in Lasers, Laser Materials Processing, Laser Accessories, Sensors, Measurement Techniques, Spectroscopy, Process Technology, and Analytics. Its corporate philosophy is based on sales on a high technical level combined with fast, reliable customer service and support. Soliton staff are very experienced in the use of lasers and instrumentation. Soliton is Opterro’s distributor for Europe covering Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands.
Dimione Systems provides opto-electronic solutions for photonic and fiber-optic sensing applications. The company offers solutions covering fiber-optic sensing, test & measurement, and fiber-optic components and modules. Dimione Systems is Opterro’s distributor for Europe covering France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, and for non-European French-speaking countries including in northern Africa.

MARMATEK offers innovative and effective solutions to the challenging test and measurement needs of Turkey’s leading companies and universities. Marmatek operates in a business line where continuous improvement is essential, and has at least one set of all equipment sold by the company, in order to provide fast and effective customer support. MARMATEK is Opterro’s exclusive distributor and sales representative in Turkey.

Griot Group Inc. comprises a team of professional sales engineers operating as an extension of select manufacturers’ and suppliers’ sales operations. Its team has many years of sales, engineering, and consulting experience with vast knowledge across markets and technologies including photonic components, lasers, displays, and thermal management. Griot Group is Opterro’s sales representative in the United States covering California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.

Advanced Integrated Photonics (AIP) Inc. is a leading provider of designing, developing, and manufacturing optical wafer, lasers, fiber optic transceivers and optical assemblies. AIP has considerable experience in Chip Polishing, AWG/PLC Coupling, spanning over fifteen years. Its optical assembly lines at its Zhuhai, China factory enable AIP to deliver best performance with fast lead-time at a most competitive cost.

Atek is a professional trading & technical service enterprise in the fields of distributed fiber-optic sensing, spectroscopy, lasers, photonics, and light measurement, serving customers in science and industry. Atek cooperates closely with world-class manufacturers in the range of high-end fiber-optic sensing and photonics products to distribute to customers in Vietnam. With the best product offerings and customer-centric professional services, Atek is a key player in the fiber-optic sensing and photonics market of Vietnam. Atek Photonics is Opterro’s exclusive distributor in Vietnam.

Tera Tech Corporation (S. Korea)

As a sale representative and distributor, Tera Tech Corp. has been providing fiber-optic sensing solutions to its customers in S. Korea for the past 15 years. Tera Tech Corp. offers the best cost-effective and application-optimized fiber-optics sensing products and solutions tailored to a variety of industrial, manufacturing, and R&D customer applications.