The Technology Platform
Powering Our Turnkey Solutions

At the heart of Opterro’s plug & play products is an integrated photonic spectral processor. Our scalable solutions combine this enabling core engine with advanced optoelectronics, signal processing, application-specific software, and data analytics.

light is power

Opterro as the provider of end-to-end fiber-optic sensing solutions

Opterro offers unmatched Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG), Fabry-Perot Interferometry (FPI), and Raman Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) interrogators providing the highest speed, dynamic range performance, leading-edge decision-aid data analytics, and algorithmic software.

Fiber Optic Sensors

Opterro’s sensing systems are based on the interaction of light with matter in optical fibers. Opterro offers a line of advanced Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) and Fabry Perot Interferometry (FPI) sensor interrogators, capable of state-of-the-art performance (in terms of speed, dynamic range, number of multi-functional sensors, algorithmic software, and data analytics) unmatched in the market. These products are used for the real-time measurement of physical, chemical, and biological parameters of interest.

The systems are comprised of four modular building blocks, namely a photonic signal analyzer called the interrogator, an optical fiber sensing cable with integrated sensors, application-specific algorithmic software, and decision-aid data analytics software.

Strains to 10,000 micro-strain (μƐ) with sub-μƐ resolution, pressures to 1 kBar with <0.05 psi resolution, temperatures from -270C to 1000°C with >99.5% measurement accuracy, vibration spectra, as well as high-bandwidth (up to MHz range) acoustic emission (AE) and ultrasonic signals can be measured and made actionable through decision-aid analytics.

Technology Platform

The main pillars of Opterro’s technology platform are:

Leveraging enabling technology innovations and a modular technology platform developed using nearly fifty million dollars of R&D investment, Opterro offers a powerful family of integrated smart photonic sensing systems and solutions. Our products take full advantage of system-level miniaturization through advanced photonic integrated circuit platforms, and an enhanced value proposition through algorithmic software and data analytics.

Our solutions enable decision support for equipment, plant, and infrastructure assets for reduced cost of ownership over extended-life operation.

Opterro offers enterprise-class high-performance fiber-optic sensing solutions to global customers. These products can be used for precision high-speed and distributed high-sensor-count measurements of physical and chemical phenomena with significant monitoring, diagnostics, and control applications in a range of markets.

Data Centers

Distributed sensing of temperature, vibration, and acoustic emission for real-time condition monitoring, diagnostics, and intelligent preventive maintenance.  LEARN MORE  ᐳ

Electric Utilities

Opterro’s distributed optical sensing systems and solutions are used by electric utilities in generation and distribution of electricity from mainstream natural gas-fired, combined-cycle, combustion turbine, and steam turbine AC generators. LEARN MORE  ᐳ

Smart Infrastructure

Opterro distributed sensing systems and solutions are ideal for Industrial Internet of Things sensors that are distributed over distances across buildings, cities and transport networks for the collection and analysis of data pertinent to reliable and efficient operations. LEARN MORE  ᐳ



Opterro’s distributed sensing systems and solutions are ideal for extreme environments of semiconductor and solar manufacturing process equipment, various industrial furnaces, as well as environmental monitoring and control of semiconductor microelectronics and solar photovoltaics factories.


Renewable Energy

Opterro’s distributed optical sensing systems and solutions are used in clean renewable energy generation in solar photovoltaic and wind farms. Additional energy applications include condition monitoring of commercial and grid-scale battery storage systems for safety and reliable operation.


Research & Development

Opterro systems are well known in R&D centers of excellence across the world, including national labs and premiere research institutes, where some of the pioneering research is performed for anything with far-reaching applications across many existing and emerging industries, medical devices & wearables, defense.


Medical Devices & Wearables

Single-point and distributed sensing of pressure, temperature, strain, acceleration, shape and position for a range of applications in medical diagnostics, control, and therapeutics.



Defense & Aerospace

Opterro has a track record of monitoring of high-value assets in space, flight and maritime environments, ranging from structural health and condition monitoring to attitude control. 


AgTech and Climate

Opterro’s application-optimized, distributed sensing solutions enable Precision Agriculture to maximize yield and efficiency. Our solutions also provide monitoring of subsurface phenomena to ensure reliable, long-term carbon sequestration.



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