Leading End-to-End Fiber-Optic Sensing Solutions

Opterro offers unmatched fiber-optic sensing solutions with leading-edge system performance and decision-aid analytics.

Our end-to-end solutions are widely used for real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and control applications across multiple industries.

May 1: Opterro completes acquisition of Redondo Optics, Inc (ROI). Read the Press Release here.
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Opterro Optical Sensing Technologies

Our solutions provide the best combination of speed, accuracy, multi-functionality, and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance for a range of measurements. With the help of various sensors, you can measure temperature, static and dynamic strain (vibration), pressure, acceleration, and passive and active acoustic emission (AE) as well as ultrasonic waves with very weak signals.

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Strain Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • FBG sensor

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What is Fiber Optic Sensing?

Fiber-optic sensing (FOS) is a technology that uses fiber-optic cables to detect changes in the environment at the speed of light.

With our multiple functional sensors, data collection is more efficient and cost effective.

Opterro i*Sense® Products

Opterro is proud to offer the most comprehensive range of distributed fiber-optic interrogators, made in the heart of Silicon Valley. From our compact, handheld LiteSense™ products to our ultra-high-speed UltraSense™ product family, Opterro provides the most advanced interrogator systems in the world.

All modular, plug-and-play i*Sense® interrogators provide unprecedented reliability, accuracy, resolution, speed, bandwidth, and sensor count scalability in a robust, enterprise-class product portfolio and data analytics service offering.

About Opterro

Opterro is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that delivers end-to-end, fiber-optic sensing solutions for a range of applications spanning data center, electric utilities, smart infrastructure, manufacturing, renewable energy, research & development, medical devices & wearables, aerospace & defense, and agtech & climate.

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Best of Sensors 2020 Award for i*Sense® Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing Solutions

Industry Applications

Opterro Provides the Gold Standard in Sensing Solutions

We believe in giving our customers the best possible solutions for their applications, which is why we offer unmatched performance for Fiber Bragg Grating, Fabry Perot Interferometry, Raman DTS, and Raleigh DAS.

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Data Centers

Data acquisition using distributed sensing of temperature, vibration, and acoustic emission for real-time condition monitoring, diagnostics, and intelligent preventive maintenance.

Electric Utilities

Opterro’s distributed optical sensing systems and solutions can be used for electricity generators and electricity distribution from mainstream natural gas-fired, combined-cycle, combustion turbine, and steam turbine AC generators.


Ideal for extreme environments of semiconductor and solar manufacturing process equipment, various industrial furnaces, as well as environmental monitoring and control of semiconductor microelectronics and solar photovoltaics factories. With the use of our sensors, manufacturing can do prognostic health management (PHM), and conditional based maintenance (CBM) to predict the future health and performance of equipment and systems.

Smart Infrastructure

Ideal for Industrial Internet of Things sensors that are distributed over distances across buildings, cities and transport networks for the collection and analysis of data pertinent to reliable and efficient operations. Our sensing systems are also ideal for supporting the development of “Smart Cities.”

Renewable Energy

Fiber optic sensing provides real-time monitoring and data analysis that can improve the overall efficiency, safety, and longevity of renewable energy systems. It can be used to detect any vibrations or strains in the generator which can indicate potential issues such as cracking or damage. It is ideal for solar thermal operation and maintenance, solar photovoltaic operation and maintenance, wind turbine operation and maintenance, and geothermal operation and maintenance.

Research & Development

Opterro systems are well known in R&D centers of excellence across the world, including national labs and premiere research institutes, where some of the pioneering research is performed for anything with far-reaching applications across many existing and emerging industries, medical devices & wearables, and defense.

Medical Devices & Wearables

Single-point and distributed sensing systems can provide high-precision, real-time data that can be used to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of medical wearables and sports wearables. These sensors can be integrated into wearable devices, allowing for continuous monitoring of the user’s health.

Defense & Aerospace

Opterro has a track record of monitoring high-value assets in space, flight, and maritime environments, ranging from structural health monitoring (SHM) to attitude control. Our system can be used to improve the magnetic field sensor and electric field sensor to provide accurate information in defense and aerospace applications, such as threat detection, navigation and guidance, and explosive detection.

AgTech & Climate

Our distributed sensing solutions enable precision agriculture to maximize yield and efficiency. We provide monitoring of subsurface phenomena to ensure reliable, long-term carbon sequestration. Our sensing solution can enhance seismic measurement, pipeline monitoring, and others. This can help to improve crop yields, reduce water usage, lower costs, also prevent damage to natural resources and protect the environment.

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Light via Fiber

Easy-to-deploy optical sensors
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Highly Multiplexable

Distributed multifunctional sensing with few-to-many sensors on each fiber

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AI-embedded software for efficient data capture and analytics

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Low-Power Sensors, No Electrical Wires, Safe

Low-power sensors are free of electrical wires, eliminating risk of sparks

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Hack Resistant and Cyber Secure

Fiber-guided light free of EMI/RFI generation ensures secure sensing and data transfer

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EMI/RFI Immune

Pure optical sensing ensures total immunity against electromagnetic noise sources

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Negligible Mass and Size

Tiny strands of sensor-embedded fiber cause no disturbance to monitored subject

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Chemically Inert

Deployable and operable with high reliability in corrosive and harsh environments

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